Full SEO Audit


Product Description

Want to rank your site in Google?

With Proper SEO technique you can expand your website’s Search engine visibility, can grow your audience and increase your rankings. That’s why an SEO audit is necessary to understand your site’s SEO problems.

What will you get from this SEO Audit Report?

We will perform website analysis and then provide you report in detail. Our website audit report looks at, but are not limited to:

✔ Domain analysis
✔ Internal Site Problems
✔ Title Tag
✔ Meta Description
✔ Headings
✔ Keywords Consistency & Keywords in cloud
✔ Missing Attribute
✔ In-Page-Links
✔ Broken links
✔ Robots.Txt
✔ XML Sitemap
✔ Page Objects Check (HTML, CSS, script, images)
✔ URL Parameters & Underscores in the URLs
✔ Blocking factors
✔ Mobile-friendliness
✔ MobilenRendering
✔ Page Load Sped Test
✔ Custom 404 Page
✔ Structured Data Markup
✔ Language Declaration
✔ Trust Indicators
✔ Backlinks Score and Backlink Counter
✔ Social Media Engagement Counter
✔ Visitor Statistics
✔ and much more.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any question regarding this service. We will get back to you shortly.